Flip Books

Flipbook 2

A flipbook is a handy and  inexpensive way to store, protect, organize, and view digital stereoviews. It is designed in such a way that the covers themselves are inserted into the stereoscope.  Two views are inserted in each protective sleeve, one facing front, the other facing back. You insert the back cover into the stereoscope and flip through the pages. When you get to the last page, you turn the book around, insert the front cover into the stereoscope, and flip through the views the other way till you get back to the beginning.

Each book comes bound with a spiral binder, covers, and sleeves. A label with directions for use is on the inside of the front cover. The spiral binder is crimped on one end. The other end is left uncrimped in case you want to add or delete some of the sleeves. Simply bend the last 1/8" of the binder 90 when you have the number of pages you want. A pair of needle nosed pliers works fine.

Standard pricing only applies to cover colors that are in stock. If you need a specific color for your covers or you need a certain number of sleeves for a specific project, custom orders are available. Minimum quantities may apply depending on availability of materials.

We offer these cover styles and numbers of pages as standard products. The table below shows configurations and pricing:

No. of Sleeves Matte Cover Linen Cover Suede Cover
3 sleeves
(up to 6 views)
$2.80 $3.80 $4.00
6 sleeves
(up to 12 views)
$3.50 $4.50 $4.75
12 sleeves
(up to 24 views)
$4.75 $5.75 $6.00